Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Quakers and the Church

(9.) O, therefore, let those Christians beware, who are led away with pretences to the Spirit in any men, not only against, but beside that which is written!

Who break the unity of the church, (which Christ calls the tearing of his own body to pieces,) and for sake the communion of their lawful bishops, (whom Christ has left as his own immediate representatives and vicegerents, and as the principles of unity in their respective churches,) upon pretences of extra ordinary inspirations in those teachers whom they have heaped to themselves; for extraordinary inspi rations are not to be credited unless vouched by miracles, which God always sent to attest his extraordinary commissions: and if they are pretended to come from him, and are not, then it is a demonstration that they come from the Devil.

And let us take this one mark more to judge when such inspirations are from God or from the Devil.

Those from the Devil generally tend to schism and rebellion ...

Source: The Snake in the Grass, by: Charles Leslie, pg. 56, Second Edition

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