Tuesday, August 13, 2019

English Civil War

(4.) I will clofe thefe Inſtances at the preſent, of the proof of the Quakers Infallibility rom their Prophecies. with that remarkable one of the Great Edward Burroughs. in the Time of the late. Uſrpation under Oliver concerning the Downfal of Rome, which he fid was Then to be: And upon that account Admoninhed the then uſurpers, and that, In the Name of the Lord, to carry their Arms in to all the Popiſh Countries, and to fet up their Standard at the Gates of Rome, as you will find P. 540: of his Works; for The Time is come (Says he) their Church cannot stand long. And as ſire as the Lord lives, so ſhall it come to pafs P. 535, 536,537.

There were many other Prophecies which they gave forth, with the ſame Blaphemous Assurance, in favour of the Ufurpers of thofe Days which, as they were Wicked to the higheſt degree, and Treaſonable, ſo were they as Falſe and prov'd ſo by the Event. But I shall have ocaſion to ſpeak of theſe more fully, when I come to treat of the Quakers Loyalty: And therefore I will for, the preſent, leave this Head, as suſſiciently prov'd by thofe Inſtances I have already given, that the Falſe-prophets of the Quakers are totally inconſiſtent with the infallibility which they pretend to.

Source: The Snake in the Grass by Charles Leslie, pg. 55 Second Edition,

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